Looking for an Asian bride

Since there are more than 4 billion people living in Asia, it is considered to be the planet’s largest and most populous continent. It is a a very broad area that is composed of many different nationalities and thanks to that you can bet there is an Asian woman that’s just perfect for you. Lots of men have an interest in dating and marrying an Asian woman but did you know that there are several different kinds of guys that are looking for an Asian bride? Looking for an Asian bride

The Profile Forger Type

You can bet that if you surf on any online dating site you’ll see that most guys describe themselves as “fit and athletic”. This bunch is sincerely hoping to catch the eye of many potential Asian brides. However, this kind of mindset isn’t really helpful to you considering that at some point you are going to Skype with these women or even meet them in person. In that case it is going to be difficult for you to convince them that you are a sincere person. It is a massive turn off to try to fool someone into talking to you.

The “Do You Live Near Here?” Type

This is the type that is interested in meeting up right away. They are hoping to meet a hot Asian woman and move very fast. They have no interest in building a long term relationship with someone who lives on the other side of the world – they won’t make the effort of meeting up. This type will cast the women aside as soon as they hear that they can’t meet them tomorrow.

The Lightning Type

This type sends Asian women tons of messages each day leaving their inbox full. After sending those, he will call the women Baby in their first week of knowing each other. This type has a sense of urgency to rush things and keeps using the same lines to ask women out. Being so aggressive isn’t attractive to Asian women who are used to much more polite and humble guys.

The Offensive Type

The offensive type is the last type women want to encounter. Arrogant behaviour will leave the women no other option than to report the guy and block him. This type talks to the women in a very rude fashion if they don’t respond right away. They find joy in being vulgar and Asian women couldn’t be more put off by this.

The Sweet Type

This is the jackpot for the ladies. Women love someone who is thoughtful, polite and loves to pay them lots of attention. The attention doesn’t have to be material – you can send her nice emails, postcards and maybe even write her poetry with snail mail. If you want to impress any woman, this is the type you should be – and be so sincerely.

This concludes the list of the types of guys looking for an Asian bride. Check back soon for more Asian dating tips.

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