Dating women from around the world has never been easier. There are several high-quality online dating services that offer a huge variety of online dating tools that makes dating Asian women possible for western men. Thanks to the availability of these tools a lot of people rush into dating women from foreign countries. If you get into it without sufficient knowledge of the local culture, then your dating will not go as smoothly as planned.

We are here to help you out with five handy tips that will help you out a lot when you’re online dating Asian women.

1. Don’t be too aggressive.

dating Asian womenAggressive may be attractive in the western countries where guys are expected to act tough. Not in Asia though. Don’t send too many messages, don’t talk about how you’ve had physical conflicts with some guys. Do watch what you say and make her feel at ease.

2. Keep it simple.

Asians value education very highly, but it may be that the wonderful woman you’re talking to hasn’t had too many chances to practice the language. Try to keep it simple when chatting to her. If needed then instead of expecting her to figure out what you are saying – hire a translator. Online dating portals often have that service.

3. No to pick-up lines.

Pick-up lines are not a part of the Asian dating culture. You may even offend someone if you throw something like that their way. It is also likely that the person doesn’t fully understand what you are saying – just leave these.

4. You must have patience.

Asian women are not as open as Western women. If you rush things with your dates, you risk pushing them away. Instead, show them that you are in it for the long run and have patience.

5. Don’t give out too much personal information.

Protecting your information is always a must in online dating. When you don’t know someone yet – you shouldn’t tell them where exactly you work, live and love to hang out. Obviously, you shouldn’t send out any bank details to a new person.


Dating Asian women isn’t always an easy task if you come from a completely different culture. You can lessen the divide between you two by doing as much research about her culture as you can.

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