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Asian women are in high demand on online dating sites. There are many topics you can discuss with them but there are a few that you should keep from at all cost. Should you already be familiar with Asian cultures then good for you. That means you either have had personal experiences before or you have done proper homework prior to engaging in conversation with a potential Asian partner. If you are not familiar with the culture just yet, then pay attention to the 5 following questions that you should defenitely never ask Asian women:

1. “Are you not too old/young to sign up to an online dating portal?”

There are some ladies that will understand this question and are happy to respond but to most women this is a touchy subject. Keep in mind that most everyone signs up to an online dating site to find a partner and age really shouldn’t be a factor. asian women

2. “You’re a waitress?”

This in general is a very basic question and especially so if you are only just beginning to get to know each other but coming a cross condescending in any way is a huge no-no. There are quite a few women that get a great education in Asia but some of them don’t, so you must be very neutral with how you react when they tell you they have a blue-collar job.

3. “How many boyfriends have you had?”

If you have known each other for quite some time now then there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking this question. If the woman feels comfortable with you, then you will get an answer out of her. However, if it is one of the first times you are talking to het then asking this question is a bad idea. She will take offence to it.

4. “Exactly how much do you earn?”

If there is anything people know about Asian cultures it is that respect comes before everything else. Asking about money is very impolite in Asia. There isn’t an occasion where asking this kind of question is acceptable. Remember that you are there to get to know the women not categorize them by their income. Would you like it if someone asked you this question?

5. “What kind of strange food do you eat”

We all have heard funny things about Asian food. Dogs and cats and unusual insects and sea food. We suggest you be very careful around the topic of food. You can wait until she brings this topic up herself.

Do not Offend

Most of these questions are self-explanatory. If there are more topics you aren’t sure whether or not you should start discussing then just try to stick with getting to know her as a person. Ask her different questions like what does she love to do, what are her favourite films, what kind of music does she listen to. That is a great way to keep the conversation going with your Asian date.

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