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Everyone has preconceptions about cultures that are different from their own. You can easily blame it on media: most of what we learn about other cultures comes to us via the TV, comic books, radio shows, commercials and cartoons. That includes the Asian culture. In this article we explain 5 of the most common myths about the Asian culture.

Myth no. 1 – Everyone Knows Martial Arts Asian culture

Thanks to all the Asian martial arts movies it seems like every Asian has an interest in some form of martial arts and there are plenty to choose from: kung fu, ju-jitsu, karate, judo, aikido, taekwondo. The truth is that plenty of martial arts schools in Asia are closing because there is so little interest in them. Surely some folks love the martial arts lifestyle but it definitely isn’t everyone.

Myth no. 2 – All Asians Love Math

Asians are a diverse group of people just like everyone else. There are too many movies that depict Asians as lovers of mathematics. Asians usually do get a great education and work very hard in school but that doesn’t mean they absolutely love calculus. This type of thinking also stems from the fact that so many Asians are entrepreneurs in their everyday lives and can develop a skill of computing discounts very fast.

Myth no. 3 – Everyone in Asia Eats Dog Meat

Definitely not true everywhere. In some regions though dog meat is considered a delicacy but not everywhere. Studies have shown that eating dog meat can help raise your body temperature so it is eaten for that reason in some areas. Take our advice: DO NOT ask any Asian you meet if they love eating dog meat or not because it is seen as an offensive stereotype.

Myth no. 4 – Boys are More Valued than Girls

Unfortunately this is partly true. There have been some positive steps taken to help the women move into the workforce and into government but the progress is rather slow. The men tend to be more respected since they can have easier access to all kinds of works. They can get jobs in farms, as soldiers or work in running the country. In rural areas girls don’t have enough access to schools and are kept at home where they simply do housework while their brothers excel in their endeavours.

Myth no. 5 – Asians Eat a Lot of Rice

This one is mostly true. Rice definitely has a place on an Asians table. There are of course other great meals such as noodles and bread and meat, but nothing competes with a bowl of rice. Any full meal will always have rice in it. Western born Asian people can be more flexible with their food but rice will always be a big part of the Asia’s food culture.

Now You Know

Did you get more than one misconception corrected? It is always beneficial to know what is what in any culture and especially so with the Asian culture if you are looking to date Asian women. Come back soon for more Asian dating tips and dating advice.

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