Chinese wedding

Let’s say you have proposed to your Chinese partner. And she agreed to marry you. Plans are made, dates have been picked, locations chosen. To enrich your wedding plans even further consider incorporating some traditional Chinese wedding symbols. That will now only make your wedding very unique, it also symbolizes the union of your two cultures as you enter into your new life as a married couple. Here are a couple of Chinese wedding traditions:

Traditional Dowry Gifts Chinese wedding

Before you get ahead of yourself, by “dowry” we don’t mean cash. It is more like lucky symbols that wish the happy couple all the best in their marriage. Dowries are typically comprised of trinkets like butterfly shaped scissors, rulers, vases. The scissors symbolize inseparability and wish the couple a long and happy marriage. The rulers wish prosperity in terms of land and real estate. Vases symbolize a peaceful married life. In addition to all that, a chamber pot filled with fruits (mostly chestnuts and pomegranates) wish the couple fertility and children.

The Bridal Bed

As is customary the newlyweds spend their wedding night together sharing a bridal bed. The bed is prepared by a woman who the community considers blessed with a great marriage and more preferably with kids. She will scatter fruit and coins on the bed and will let kids grab these symbols, much like with pińata only minus the donkey hanging above. This is seen as the tradition that blesses the bridal bed which the couple will use in great hopes of conceiving a child on their wedding night.

Wedding Gifts

Symbolic wedding gifts are expected in Chinese weddings. As an example – a pair of embroidered shoes symbolizes togetherness. It represents the idea that a couple will stay together and enjoy a life full of mutual love and respect. Mirrors are also seen as a good present for a wedding in the Chinese culture because they symbolize perfection. It usually points to the beauty of the bride. This present wishes the couple a life of youthfulness and beauty.

The Colour Red

For the Chinese – red is a lucky colour. In a traditional Chinese wedding the bride is in red representing love, happiness and prosperity. That adds to red being considered a bold and lucky colour. Red is also thought to scare away any bad omens because of how vibrant it is, that explains how come Chinese New Year falls under the red colour as well.

An Abacus

Another wonderful symbol in Chinese weddings is the abacus. It symbolizes prosperity and wealth since historically it has been used for computing for income and expenditures. An abacus is also a wish for increase in incomes and the hope that the finances will always be in balance. This is a wonderful gift that Chinese couples love to get for their wedding.

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