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Let’s say you are currently online dating your Korean girlfriend on the web. You have bee video chatting, calling but you’ve not yet met in person. You have a wonderful stable relationship and your future together is looking very good and it’s getting better every day. It’s that time of the year that Valentine’s day is approaching. What gift can you give her since she is so far away from you?

We have a couple of brilliant ideas, but at first we will offer you a closer look at what Valentines Day means to Koreans.

Valentines Day in Korea

In most places in the world, Valentines Day is a day when guys give gifts to their ladies. There is a legend of St Valentine that put a start to all of this but in Korea it’s a bit different. Instead of the guys giving gifts to the women, it’s the women that give gifts to the guys. There is a holiday called White Day which represents the day when guys give gifts to women. It is unknown how the White Day began but it is a very long tradition for most couples in Korea.

So Then What?

Now that you are aware of how Valentines day is celebrated over in Korea, you might be thinking that you’re off the hook with the gifting. She may actually appreciate that you want to express a part of your culture and give her something for Valentines Day anyway.

Moving Forward

If you choose to give her something anyway and select a gift, then good for you. There are a couple of suggestions for the gifts you can give her, even if you are a continent apart:

1. A song via a video conference.

This is a great idea for those who either have a singing voice or are brave enough to serenade her even if they can’t sing. This is an incredibly romantic thing to do and you can bet the women will LOVE it.

2. Surprise with a short video

This is an adorable thing to do and when you’re finished just send it to her in an email. But what to do in that video? You could just stand somewhere beautiful and hold up handwritten messages. Perhaps they could be poems you’ve written or if you’re not into writing then perhaps lines from a famous poet’s book.

3. A Day at the Spa

This may be a bit of an issue if you don’t happen to have extra money around that time but if you do then you can bet she will absolutely love it. Korean ladies love to take care of themselves and it is a super sweet gesture that lets her know that you really care about her and want to help her relax.

4. Chocolate

Seriously – chocolate. Who doesn’t love receiving a box of amazing chocolate? You can a local store and have some sent to her. Have them add a note to the chocolate as well saying something sweet.

Which Would You Choose?

There are more options for what to get your Korean girlfriend for Valentine’s Day and you can do some research on your own. It is really likely however that you found something good on this list that will help you out. Log back on soon for more online dating tips!

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