Asia is a melting pot of plenty of traditional and modern day values. Out of that has developed Asia’s own very original dating flavour. We are used to the standard Western dating ways but here are a few interesting Asian dating rituals that are practices in the Far East countries.

Practice 1. – Hundred day celebrations Asian dating

In the Western world we celebrate anniversaries – that’s when you go out, typically to the place where you had your first date, have a great dinner and so on. In Asian dating and particularly in Korea, couples celebrate the relationship every hundred days. The first 100 days of your relationship is celebrated in several ways and it is like with wedding proposals – you get to be as creative as you want. This is typically the time where you get rings (signs of commitment to one another, not necessarily like wedding rings), couple T-shirts and other stuff couples get.

Practice 2. – Public Displays of Affection

In the Western culture spaces public displays of affection are very common. It is even expected of couples. It’s a lot different with in Asia where the traditional way of living is still prevalent. Be prepared to get frowned at when you’re overly affectionate in public. Holding hands, sharing small pecks on lips or cheeks and hugging is however acceptable. Try to avoid going beyond that since it is considered very rude. Especially with the elderly.

Practice 3. – Love Confessions

This is more common in Japan. In Western countries you don’t say “I love you” very early in a new relationship. Typically when this happens too soon the person who hears this may be put off and leave. In Japan it is quite normal for a guy to confess his love to a girl and then ask her out. When this comes up and the woman says yes that will put you two in a boyfriend-girlfriend status. Obviously this differs a lot from the West where you can go on several dates with no pressure but Asians are more conservative and you should respect this when asking out an Asian woman.

Practice 4. – Valentine’s Day and White Days

Across the world guys send flowers, cards, chocolates, and other sweet thing to their sweethearts. A lot of folks choose this day for proposing, others for romantic trips in beautiful private places across the world. Asian Valentine’s Day, especially in China, Thailand, Japan and Korea, it is the girls who send gifts to the guys they fancy. The guys return the favour during the White day. This is another cultural dating ritual you should keep in mind.

There is More

Asia is huge and there are plenty more dating rituals to learn about. Look around the web for more information and come back soon for more Asian dating tips.

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