dating Asian women

Has a stunning Asian woman caught your eye? Are you getting serious about dating her? If so then you need to know that the dating scene is very different in Asia. Since the culture is different the dating scene is different as well. The overly confident, cocky and aggressive attitude that works in the States doesn’t make sense here. Here are 4 tips you can rely on when youre dating Asian women: dating Asian women

1. Friendship is Important

It sounds strange but in Asia most relationships start out because one person set up their two friends on a blind date. This is why networks are key in getting dates. It is unusual for a person to walk up to someone and after a small conversation ask them out on a date. Mostly the dates happen through set ups.

2. Establishing a Connection

Once you get a date, find common ground between the two of you in order to make the date more comfortable. A good topic to discuss is whoever set you two up. Ask her questions about herself: how is she doing in school, what interests does she have. Discuss whatever you have in common. Keyword being “common”.

3. Playing Hard to Get

This is something that can apply to both men and women. The most common idea in the world is that women love to be chased and the guys love to do the chasing. Surprisingly in Asia it may also be the guy that expects to be chased. However, you should take the role of the chaser in this relationship.

4. Double-dates and Group Dates

As we already mentioned friends are an important factor in dating in Asia. The best idea for going out with someone is to ask her and the mutual friends you two have to go on a date together. It is very common to go out with a large group. You can go drinking, clubbing, eating and so on. After you’ve had 3-4 dates like these it would make sense for you to ask the one girl out individually.

Spot the Difference?

Luckily the differences aren’t too big and too difficult for you to adjust to. You can do more research on your own and get more helpful tips for dating Asian women. The more you know the better you do.

Visit back soon for more international dating tips and we wish you good luck with your dating life.

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