If you don’t do enough research into the Chinese dating culture it will make your dating experience with a Chines woman rather difficult since there are such huge gaps in the dating etiquette of the East and the West. There are some similarities as well but they don’t compensate for the many differences that are present as well.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you’re the guy in the relationship. In the East you are expected to be the initiator and the main decision maker in the relationship. We are here to help you with 4 tips you need to remember about Chinese culture:

1. Casual Dating and Set Ups Chinese women

Casual dating is almost non-existent in the Chinese culture much like with most Asian countries. In the West people go on random dates all the time but in China men and women ask mutual friends to set up dates for them. It is incredibly rare for a Chinese person just to walk up to someone and bluntly ask them out on a date. The majority of the dates are set up by friends, family or co-workers.

With foreigners it’s a tiny bit different since some Chinese women may be more open about being asked out like in the West. That is because of the awareness that there are cultures that accept casual dating.

2. Adding Meaning to Words

Even though times are changing in the Chinese culture and daily life is becoming more modern bit by bit, there are still some traditions that are alive and well. An example of it is the use of words when expressing feelings and emotions. They aren’t too good at this. So when you hear your dating partner telling you that she misses you or has to see you, it is something you must take seriously.

3. Meeting the Parents

This is inevitable even in the early stages of dating Chinese women. That indicates that she is taking you and your relationship very seriously. It can also happen that she doesn’t introduce you and that usually means that she either isn’t that deep into the relationship or her parents wouldn’t approve of her dating a foreigner. The older folk are still very conservative and their word matters a lot even in the dating lives of their children.

4. Intimacy in the Relationship

Intimacy usually comes after marriage in the Asian tradition. That part of their ancient culture is still preserved. Most Asians don’t approve of intimacy before the marriage and therefore avoid it. That doesn’t mean that all Asians are like this and you should talk it out with the woman you are dating.

When it happens that the woman gives in then it is a sign that the relationship is moving towards marriage. If you’re looking to casually date then it’s best to be upfront about it.

Remember These Tips

Keep these tips in mind when you start dating a Chinese woman. You should do more research on your own into the Chinese culture and also come back for more Chinese dating tips.

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