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Let’s assume that you have been on an Asian dating portal for a while and have met a stunning Chinese woman. Now you are wondering if there is something you can do in order to impress her, even if she is a million miles away from where you are. Don’t stress about it too much because we have done some thinking for you and once you read this list you see how easy it can be.

Chinese womanBefore we get deeper into it, there is something you need to understand about the Chinese dating culture: actions always speak louder than words. Western ladies may be swept away by beautiful words but action is what is respected in Asia. That doesn’t mean that no emotional involvement is necessary. It means that the relationship isn’t only based upon that.

1. Sending flowers or presents

Since you two met online there isn’t an awful lot you can do in the action department but to show there that you are really interested and are making a serious effort. If you do these arrangements via your online dating portal, there is a guarantee that the flowers of presents get to her home or workplace on time. Don’t worry about sending anything to her workplace – it is common in Japan. If you want to leave an even bigger impression you can contact a local flower shop near where she lives or works and have the flowers delivered from there. This way the impression is deeper.

2. Initiate contact

There are many ways you can communicate online. There is email, chat and also video conference. At first you will most likely talk at random times. When you are both online and so forth but eventually you will set up a schedule. Be assertive in reinforcing that you talk at regular intervals. That shows her that you are truly committed to this relationship. Don’t be too forceful, just show up first. Send the first message and email.

3. If possible, go for a visit

Nothing could possibly surprise her more than doing just that. If it is possible for you then book a trip to see your Chinese date. Note that if she agrees that you go visit her, it is no longer a casual relationship because it is such a huge step. Before you go, make sure that you are both on the same page with this. It would be harsh if you show up with a bouquet of flowers and a desire to take the relationship to the next level and she rejects you.

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