impress a Chinese woman

Are you interested in online dating and want to date a Chinese woman online? Then this article is perfect for you. You are probably wondering how you can impress her online from all the way around the world. Is it even possible, you ask? The great news is that it is. We have done some thinking for you and are here to offer you 3 great tips to accomplish your goal.

impress a Chinese womanBefore we bring them to you, there is something you need to take into consideration. In the Chinese dating culture, actions speak much louder than words. It is somewhat the opposite to what we are used to. You head it all the time in the Western culture that women want you to be romantic and say the sweetest things to them. The fact that it is more about action in
the Chinese dating culture, does not mean that emotional projection can be left out of the picture.

Here are 3 good tips for impressing your online date:

1. Send flowers and/or presents

Since you met each other online and not in real life you can’t do a lot in the action apartment other than showing her that you are ready to put in effort. You have the option of making arrangement via the dating agency and have them bring her flowers to her house or her workplace(something very common in China). She will definitely appreciate it. If you want to take the harder road you can do everything by yourself – something she will appreciate even more.

2. Be the one that initiates contact

It is somewhat stereotypical but a lot of girls still expect the guy to be the one that initiates contact. In an online setting there are 3 main ways to communicate: email, chat and video conference. At first you will be in touch at random times but eventually it will make sense to develop a schedule. Once you do then make sure you are the one that takes the lead. Don’t be forceful but show her that you are interested in communicating with her.

3. Go visit if you can

It would be the ideal way to impress a girl that lives on the other side of the world. Note that for taking this step you need to be interested in a serious relationship rather than a fling. That is because actually going to meet a person at their home in the Asian culture means a lot more than it does in the West. If you are absolutely sure you want to get serious then plan your trip.


This concludes our advice for ways you can best impress a Chinese woman. If you follow the first two for some time and then take on the third one, you are very likely to have success in this relationship. Good luck with your dating life.

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